If you want to advance in TODAY's workforce, you MUST stay relevant to compete and thrive!  

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"Can't Take My E.Y.E.S. 
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In this training, you will learn

  • Developmental strategies to improve your visibility in ANY industry.
  • The skills you MUST HAVE in a workforce impacted by the pandemic! 
  • ​Strategies to advance your career in a workplace with a new normal. 
  • ​Keys to staying ahead of the curve, so you are never scrambling to seek opportunities. 
  • ​​​NEW ways to invest in yourself, so you remain competitive and valuable.

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The Pandemic has changed the framework of EVERYTHING around the world!

Keeping your skills current is KEY to thriving in today's workforce, regardless of the career stage you are in! 

To stay relevant we must know what skills are becoming in high demand and how to position ourselves for a better career.

​Learn key hard and soft skills that are becoming paramount in a workplace that has changed forever!

Hear from seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, Michael E. Parker, who will reveal the skills and strategies you need to stay marketable and propel your career forward!

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Let's face it...the pandemic has changed the workplace landscape forever! A resume and cover letter won't be enough to help you stand out in the crowd!

  The “Can't Take My E.Y.E.S. Off Of You!” training will reveal the strategies that will improve your visibility so you get noticed, in ANY CAREER!   

Don't be complacent where you are! 

Register for the "Can't Take My E.Y.E.S. Off Of You" training and accelerate career and professional growth!

$127 ($297)

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Michael E. Parker specializes in motivating and inspiring people to strive for excellence in life and in business. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Michael has spoken at over 1,000 events throughout the US, Canada, and the Pacific Rim.

Prior to starting his own companies, Michael worked for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and General Motors and received direct training on the Toyota Production System and Lean Management Philosophy in Japan, Canada, and throughout the United States. In his career, he has managed and led lean management programs for multi-million dollar organizations in both the service and manufacturing industries.

After seeing how lean could be used to improve operations in the manufacturing industry, Michael decided to expand his experience and knowledge to the service industry. He started and expanded more than 10 companies across multiple industries while creating a new management philosophy that built upon the fundamentals of Lean and could be easily applied to the service industry. He called this management approach “Value-Centered Management” and wrote the book, Who Said So? by Wiley Publishing.
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This training is included with Elite and Power A-Club Memberships! 
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Value-Centered Solutions Trainings are delivered by seasoned experts who have worked in small, medium and large global organizations.

We tailor our unique training approach to ensure you learn key principles and leave every training with tools and strategies that you can apply IMMEDIATELY!

"The worst thing ever is going to an event and not truly getting something from it.  I don't like when that is done to me and I won't do that to you."

~ Michael E. Parker

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