Many problems in business, career, and relationships are often caused by lacking this one skill ... listening.

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"Do You H.E.A.R. Me?"

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In this training, you will learn

  • The strategic skill of listening at a superior level.
  • ​Leverage listening as a competitive advantage in your career and business.
  • ​How to dramatically improve your personal relationships through effective listening.
  • ​How listening is directly related to wealth creation and maintaining long-term relationships.
  • ​How to H.E.A.R. what’s happening around you every day so you can transform these insights into NEW opportunities you never knew were possible. 

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Every day we are surrounded by information, problems, advice, and opportunities that all require the power of listening.  

We were made with two ears and one mouth and yet we still don't get how important it is to listen.  

Many of our problems in business, our careers, and trying to maintain healthy relationships are centered around the lack of effective listening.  

Hear from master communicator and CEO, Michael E. Parker, who will reveal his secret approach to maximizing the opportunities around you by ensuring you really H.E.A.R.

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The “Do you H.E.A.R. Me?” Training will hit you in your core and 
change EVERYTHING you thought you knew about why 
and how you need to be a SUPERIOR LISTENER!

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Michael E. Parker specializes in motivating and inspiring people to strive for excellence in life and in business. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Michael has spoken at over 1,000 events throughout the US, Canada, and the Pacific Rim.

Prior to starting his own companies, Michael worked for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and General Motors and received direct training on the Toyota Production System and Lean Management Philosophy in Japan, Canada, and throughout the United States. In his career, he has managed and led lean management programs for multi-million dollar organizations in both the service and manufacturing industries.

After seeing how lean could be used to improve operations in the manufacturing industry, Michael decided to expand his experience and knowledge to the service industry. He started and expanded more than 10 companies across multiple industries while creating a new management philosophy that built upon the fundamentals of Lean and could be easily applied to the service industry. He called this management approach “Value-Centered Management” and wrote the book, Who Said So? by Wiley Publishing.
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"Do You H.E.A.R. Me?" 
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~ Michael E. Parker

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